participant model Demo

import glossary model from '../glossaries/glossaries.gls'

// "Class" level participants
// "Actors" are defined by UML usecase model ; they represent (classes of) users.
// "Stakeholders" have some interest in the system and/or its development.
// "Team roles" collaborate to design and develop the system/

//--- actors --------------------------------------------------------------

actor Cashier
    | Cashiers are employee of `Cinemas`. The role of `Cashiers`
    | is to sell `Ticket` to `Spectators`. They also manage
    | `Subscriptions`. To perform these tasks `Cashiers` should have a
    | desktop application at their disposal.

actor HighCashier < Cashier
    | HighCashiers can cancel `Transactions` and launch
    | `MoneyBack` operations.

actor Client
    | Clients are people that interact with the web interface
    | of the system or that take their `Ticket` at a
    | `VendingMaching`. Most of them do not know the system,
    | or experienced have less than

//--- stakeholders ----------------------------------------------------

stakeholder role Treasurer
    | The role of treasurers is to check that all `FinancialTransactionq`
    | processed by the system are accurate.

stakeholder role SecurityManager
    | The role of the SecurityManager is to ensure the security in all
    | `Cinemas` and in particular in all `Rooms`. It should be possible
    | for example to inform SecurityManagers when an accident occur
    | in some `Room` or when a `Cinema` is overcrowded.

//--- team roles ------------------------------------------------------

team role Developer
    | A developer is responsible to design, develop, test and
    | maintain models and pieces of code.

team role QualityManager
    | The QualityManager is responsible to define, with other
    | members of the development team, `QA` standard.
    | She also monitors `QC` process although she can to delegate
    | actual controls to other team members.
team role QualityMaster < QualityManager
    | A `QualityMaster` has all duties and privileges of
    |`QualityManager` but she also has the power to change
    | the content of `QA` and `QC` standard.

team role ScrumMaster
    | The `ScrumMaster` is the team role responsible for
    | ensuring the team lives agile values and principles and
    | follows the processes and practices that the team
    | agreed they would use.
    | The responsibilities of this role include:
    | * clearing obstacles,
    | * Establishing an environment where the team can be effective
    | * Addressing team dynamics
    | * Ensuring a good relationship between the team and
    |   product owner as well as others outside the team
    | Protecting the team from outside interruptions and distractions.

team role ProductOwner
    | The `ProductOwner` responsibility is to have a vision of
    | what she wishes to build, and convey that vision to the
    | `ScrumTeam`.

//   "Instance" level participants
// Both personae and persons are at the instance level: they belong to
// one of many participant class (actor, stakeholder or team role)
// Personae are fictional characters that serve as instance of actors.
// Persons are real-life people.

person marieDupont : Developer, QualityManager
    name : "Marie Dupont Laurent"
    trigram : MDL
    portrait : './mdupont.png'

persona marco : Cashier, Client
    name : "Marco Gonzales"
    trigram : MGS
    portrait : './mdupont.png'
    | Marco is 45 years old.
    | He is used to computers and phones.
    | Some more description about marco
        | marco likes playing football.
        | He also loves eating pizza and playing with this
        | damned computer system.
            | master software engineering (1992)
            | PhD in medio chemicals (1999)
            | english (fluent)
            | spanish (novice)
        age : 45
        disabilities : "blind"
        learning ability : low
        | Marco is kind to learn but he also knows already
        | very much.
            | Marco is really reluctant to use the system.
            | Her boss, anna, told him that he will be fired
            | if he do not get good results.
        level : low
        kind : obliged
        | Some additional remark or documentation
        | Marco is an expert in playing with the mouse.
        level : novice
            | occidental
            "labtop" : expert
            "smartphone" : novice
            "iPhone 10.3" : expert
            "Ubuntu" : expert
            "Windows" : intermediate
            "Android 18.5" : novice

adhoc persona jean : Cashier, Client
    | Jean is 50 years old.


Le modèle de participants a pour but de définir les différents types de participants impliqués d’une manière ou d’une autre dans le projet et le logiciel. Cela peut être soit parcequ’un participant utilise le logiciel soit parcequ’il est impliqué dans sa conception.


  • les acteurs,
  • les parties prenantes,
  • les rôle,
  • les personnes,
  • les personnages.


Le graphe ci-dessous montre les dépendances entre langages.