tâche projet.status

A status report have to be written down for each model or WorkDefinition. In order to do so a file status.md is associated to each model, or to a group of models. There is as well a global status.md file at the top level directory.


The following information should be present in the status file:

  • what have been done,
  • what is partially working and have to be continued / improved,
  • what remains to be done.,
  • a short synthesis.

Add other information when necessary (for instance bug found or issues encountered during the realisation of the task, a reference to an important hypothesis).

Be concise, yet as structured as possible.

If everything is ok, then a simple message could be enough. If some parts remain to be done an indicator such as “(about) 25% done” can be helpful. If the task has subtasks this could be “T3: Shape, Rectangle, Circle to be implemented”.

Be concise, yet as structured as possible.